Accounting Exposed

Podcast Episodes

Past, Present, and Future of Accounting

Episode 1 – Past, present and future of accounting Discussion Topics What is the accounting profession? A brief history of accounting The different services that

Episode 2

Episode 2 – The history and evolution of accounting. An interview with Professor Thomas King Discussion Topics How Professor King got into the accounting profession

Episode 3

Episode 3 – Cash Is King Discussion Topics The function of money and cash in society The function of credit and accrual accounting The major

Episode 4

Episode 4 – How an accountant got into insolvancy Interview with Doug Hoyes Discussion Topics How Doug went from accounting to insolvency Transferable skills from

Episode 5

Episode 5 – CFO by day, Prof by night Interview with Jonathan Schacter Discussion Topics How Jonathan got into accounting Switching from public accounting to

Episode 6

Episode 6 – Career as a CPA and Tax Lawyer Interview with Mike Skoczylas Discussion Topics How did Mike become a CPA and tax lawyer

Episode 7

Episode 7 – The Secret to Motivation Interview with Kathryn Kadous Discussion Topics Why Kathryn chose to go into accounting Her experience as an auditor

Episode 8

Episode 8 – Journey from CPA to Canadian Tax Lawyer Interview with Reuben Abitbol Discussion Topics How and why Reuben became a CPA and tax

Episode 9

Episode 9 – From Accountant to Selling Fintech Interview with Sammie Johannes Discussion Topics Sammie’s career path Her transition from accounting to sales Transferrable skills

Episode 10

Episode 10 – A Payroll Entrepreneur Interview with Christie Tsartolias Discussion Topics What was her motivation to become an entrepreneur Her background in payroll Most

Episode 11

Episode 11 – Accountant, Recruiter and Podcaster Interview with Mark Goldman Discussion Topics Mark’s career path The value of obtaining the CPA title Tips for

Episode 12

Episode 12 – 16th Century Spanish Castles, Slavery and Accounting Interview with Lauren Beck Discussion Topics Accounting documents from the 16th century Accounting for slavery

Episode 13

Episode 13 – The Value Based Pricing Revolution Interview with Ron Baker Discussion Topics Ron’s career path Value based pricing definition Comparing traditional to value

Episode 14

Episode 14 – Accounting without Deadlines Interview with Kevin Whitehouse Discussion Topics Why Kevin went into accounting Importance of technology in the accounting profession Added

Episode 15

Episode 15 – Fraud in the Time of Corona Interview with David Malamed Discussion Topics Why David went into accounting How he became a forensic

Episode 16

Episode 16 – Academic, Author and Professor Interview with Gail Fayerman Discussion Topics In my interview with Professor Gail Fayerman of John Molson School of